Lisa Foster - Testimonials

After the inspection on the house we purchased, Lisa got us $3500 back to help offset some needed repairs!

She is like a gentle bull dog for her clients.

"As everyone knows buying a home is very stressful; however Lisa made our venture as delightful as one could hope.

She worked extremely hard to understand exactly what we were looking for and found houses that fit our preferences. Lisa supported us in every aspect of the buying process all the way through closing. As a result we are extremely happy and feel like we got the best house possible for our money. I would strongly recommend Lisa Foster for anyone in search of a fantastic Realtor who is going to work hard to ensure your home buying experience is a great one!

Mark and Nesa

"Lisa was so helpful throughout the entire home buying process.

She was easy to get a hold of and was always there to answer even our smallest questions. We would have been a nervous wreck waiting for our closing to happen, but Lisa was there to make sure everything was on track and that we were as calm as possible. Thanks Lisa for being so friendly and helpful. We are so happy to be in our new home and we couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again Lisa. We appreciate all your time and effort."

Mike and Chelsea

We live near the west coast, so it was immediately a challenge for us to find a realtor in Florida as we had no contacts there and no immediate point of reference.

And so we decided to start with the internet. We wanted a realtor who had experience, knew the ‘regular market’ as well as the new short sale and auction processes, and who was with a real estate company we had heard of previously. We started by looking at houses within our anticipated price range of $500 to $600K and then check the profiles of those with some of the listings. It was our great good fortune to start by contacting Lisa Foster. You gage the merit of professionals by their actions. Lisa always responded promptly to our enquiries, she was prompt and punctual for our meetings on a three day visit we made, very well organized in the viewings we had, and patient and willing to keep exploring options. She didn’t try to sell us anything, but the more we got to know each other the more she was able to offer considered and valuable suggestions and input when we needed it. After we had located a property, she picked my wife up at the airport and took het on a half day trip to finalize the property. By this time she had become our trusted agent and advisor. Unfortunately the property we selected was going to auction which represented huge issues out end in timing, but not for Lisa. We asked her to attend the auction and act as our representative in the sale, to assist with physical cheque deliveries and many other functions which a normal realtor may have been unwilling to do. She was always there when we needed her, and after the successful outcome of the auction, she even helped with picking out the fixtures and recommending several contractors. Lisa still amazes me with her actions, and she is therefore a consummate professional, a huge compliment to her industry and to her company. After hitting the jackpot the first time with our internet experience, I know we will never get this lucky again. So to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Orlando area who doesn’t want the risk of the wrong kind of an internet experience, there will be some great realtors there, but likely none better than our friend Lisa Foster. 5 stars plus out of 5!

The Rogers Family

I have been working with Lisa for the better part of a year now during the process of buying my first house.

She was always very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional during every encounter. She helped me find an excellent home in Clermont, and I have been loving every minute of it in the last few weeks, with many years to come I would hope. I highly recommend anyone looking to be a home to contact Lisa Foster, as she will make the home buying process extremely pain free!

Tim Dowling

Lisa, We would like to personally thank you and Mark for all the hard work that you have done for us.

After going through two realtors and with no luck in finding our home, it was truly a blessing for us to find you. We have worked with many realtors in the past, but none can compare to you and the amount of pride and commitment that you show in your work. Every time we called, you made yourself available to us and we are truly grateful. There was never a moment where you told us that we should do this or consider that. You always listened to what we had to say about a house and if we didn’t like it, you moved on to the next one. Even our kids had a say on the house we bought, and we want to thank you for entertaining their input. Lisa, you are in a class all by yourself when it comes to quality realtors. You truly have a gift when it comes to working with people. It was truly a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the continued success.

The LaTouche Family

We have absolutely no reservations about recommending Lisa Foster to all prospective buyers.

...she is a STAR! her CAR...and she will go FAR....and she sticks to you like TAR!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Only joking! Seriously...Lisa is a genuine, fun-loving,hard working, friendly and very knowledgeable woman! We came from the UK...not knowing anyone or anything about the area...and we could not have met a nicer Realtor than Lisa! She does come at a price though...I think that we have shares in 'FroYo's' and 'Mimmis Cafe"! Cannot say enough about Lisa...except to say that she is BRILLIANT!!!

Ian and Ianthe

Lisa Foster, where do I start?

Lisa is the epitome of professionalism, is always available to her clients, is knowledgeable, diligent, does what she says she going to do, and more importantly means what she says! Lisa handled the purchase of our home last year and never stopped fighting for our rights as a buyer! She stood our ground, didn't let anything fall through a loop hole, and through her persistence was able to drive the close of our home. Thank you Lisa for everything, we are still loving our new home!!

Kim and Andy

We contacted Lisa for help find a house in winter garden Florida.

We were out of state and couldn't really get down there to look at houses. Lisa was very helpful and accommodating. She took videos for us to see and also Skype to show us around. We did find a house we liked and bought it long distance. Lisa provided us with so much info, pictures and videos that we were comfortable enough to make that decision. She helped us navigate through the process with ease. She also went out of her way to make sure we got everything ready to move in from helping with the utilities to the HOA. We were very lucky to find Lisa! And we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable and caring agent.

Symons Family

I consider Lisa a friend that so happens to be a great real estate agent.

I never knew Lisa before being recommended to her by a friend, but she wasted no time to getting to know us, and our likes/dislikes, and our personalities. In doing so, she became a great ally in our search for the perfect home! She is dedicated, honest, relentless, a pioneer in the industry and an unstoppable force. Lisa will never push you into making a decision you are not comfortable with, her connections in the industry help for a smooth transition and almost seamless process. She is detail orientated, explains everything step by step, and has an immense amount of patience. Choosing anyone but Lisa could mean the difference in getting your dream home vs. just another house.

Danielle & Jose

Lisa Foster came to my attention by 'word of mouth'.

Nothing like a person who's accomplished reputation arrives before her. Lisa has skillfully helped me navigate the Orlando real estate market as a buyer and seller. Her ability to listen to my concerns and devise solutions helped me find a home to my liking and sell when the need arose. She brings energy and a positive attitude to every daunting situation and seemingly unattainable deal. She is the realtor you need on your side.


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